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My Story

It's true. I love tea more than coffee and I love traveling more than my budget allows. I love visiting pineapple farms and witnessing chocolate being made and talking to people in a waterpark. I want to ride an elephant in the wild and actually catch a salmon one of these days - but for now, I just write about things and dream my next adventure. My first love was journalism. I am currently a freelance writer reviving my portfolio.


On the way to becoming the south Asian Muslim woman I am today, I also learned to be a really good online marketer and found out I was a multi-passionate serial entrepreneur and that its been running through my veins since birth. As an avid Dragon's Den and Shark Tank viewer, I decided early on that I was going to have 7 streams of income because I heard most millionaires do... I'll let you know when I am almost there :)

I am an American-Canadian with an abundance mindset, but when I visit my parents' original homes in Pakistan, I know that many parts of me are and always have been Pakistani too. And I wish that it was listed as a tourist destination in more places because its really beautiful.

I usually dislike labels and when people ask me where I am from, I find it confusing. Because I consider myself a global citizen. I like connecting beyond geographical locations and languages spoken.


The "journey" I often talk about is one of leaving home (Chicago) to study in Canada, getting married young, having my first baby young and being a youngish single Mama now and all the life that happened in between.

Funny enough, it all made me a better journalist, entrepreneur and human. I love what I do and I hope to help you love what you do. Let's connect below to see how we can be in each other's lives. Don't forget to check out my podcast!

"With hardship comes ease." -The Holy Quran

My Mission

It's simple really. God gave us all zones of genius. I wish for everyone to discover theirs and use it well and for me to not leave this Earth without having fully contributed in some form with my god given gifts. Personally, for me, that means higher inner transformation and regular high vibes, generational wealth and leaving social impact legacies.

I care about a lot of things just like the next person. I care about specific environmental issues, about diversity and inclusion and its impact on young kids which impacts everything else. I care about speaking up and out wherever it makes sense but learning to balance our energies and voices because there is also a lot of noise out there. I care about honesty, transparency and collaboration wherever possible. I care about entrepreneurs and creatives because I spent my life being one and they are usually very misunderstood or under-represented and under-supported. I care about humanitarian work wherever I can participate and constantly reminding myself that regardless of the latest natural disaster, I am still privileged and lucky with a lot of things.

I care about health and wellness in a nontraditional way and you will often find me blogging about products in the space and events, people and places that gave me life. If I have to go to the doctor, it means I was already lacking in my self care and need to take a step back. I believe in farm to table and that if you don't have access to one, start your own garden. I believe in switching things up but also enjoying life within the spiritual guidelines of Islamic teachings.

I am so so grateful and blessed to be able to connect with you today and for all the blessings in my life and I like teaching others how to get there. If you check out my blog, you can find out more about the brands I have created and as well as how I can possibly help you. Talk soon!

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